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Around The Year In Migdal Oz

Elul Nights of Learning and Slichot  ערבי אלול וסליחות

At the end of the Jewish year, as the New Year and Yom Hadin approach, there is an age-old custom to recite slichot.  In Migdal Oz, the tradition is to gather every night during the week before Rosh Hashana and during the Aseret Yamei Teshuva, for a shiur on the yamin noraim, a “sicha” on teshuva, and then slichot b’tzibbur.  This is an opportunity for the students and staff of Beit Midrash to join together as for shira, tefillah, and teshuva, and also for the Beit Midrash to open its doors to the community. Migdal Oz is well-known for its beautiful and inspirational slichot and hundreds of women and men come from near and far to join the Beit Midrash for slichot.

Dedicate one night of Slichot: 250$
Dedicate a full week of Slichot: 1200$

Chanukah Seminar  סמינריון חנוכה

With the warmth of glowing Chanukah candles, and the memory of the cultural battle in the days of the Hashomaim, the Beit Midrash comes together for an annual two day seminar. The focus of these days is “bein kodesh l’chol”; every year a topic related to living in the modern world and society is chosen, and an array of interesting speakers present to the students and staff.  The past few years have addressed topics such as “Arts and Culture”, “Economics and Social Justice”, and “Women and Feminism”.  The goal is to gain a variety of perspectives on the topic.  This opportunity to encounter a new subject area and from different perspectives is eye-opening, thought provoking, and spurs many insightful discussions.

Dedicate one seminar session: 300$
Dedicate a full day of the seminar: 1000$  
Sponsor the whole Seminar: 1800$ 

Overseas students leadership program תכנית מנהיגות  לבנות חו”ל

The Migdal Oz overseas students’ are a unique group of talented, skilled, and motivated young women. Most of the time, they are fully integrated in the Beit Midrash and learn right alongside the Israelis, and although it is not always easy, they accept the challenge readily.  The leadership program was developed to address some of the unique needs of the overseas groups; to address topics which are relevant to the overseas students and to develop them as future leaders of their Jewish communities and on their college campuses. In January and February weekly sessions are given on topics the confronting the Jewish community (particularly in the Diaspora) and questions that students may encounter on university campuses.  Sessions includes topics such as Israel Advocacy, 21st century Zionism and its challenges, Today’s Jewish Communities in the Diaspora and much more.  Many of these sessions are given by speakers who have “been through the system”- who had an American upbringing and are now in leadership positions in Israel and in the Diaspora. The climax of the Seminar is an inspiring Shabbaton where the faculty and the students come together to review, discuss, and digest the topics and issues which were presented.

Dedicate one seminar session: 300$ 
Dedicate the whole Seminar: 1000$ 
Dedicate the Shabbaton: 1800$ 

Purim and Pesach Yemi Eyun ימי עיון לקראת פורים ופסח

Preparation for chagim is necessary to fully maximize the holidays, and an important part of the Beit Midrash experience.  In Elul, this happens through slichot and other shiurim (see above).  In preparation for Purim and Pesach, Migdal Oz hosts Yamei Iyun, two full days of learning each, before the holiday featuring shiurm about the unique messages of the holiday, the history and the laws from the sources to practice.  The shiurim are open to the Gush Etzion community and are by top scholars.  They create an intellectual and spiritual atmosphere around these holidays and the ability to experience them to the fullest extent.

Dedicate one Shiur: 300$ 
Dedicate a full Yom Iyun: 1000$ 
Dedicate the two yemei Iyun prior to Purim \ Pesach: 1800$ 

Medinat Yisrael- past, present and future מדינת ישראל: עבר, הווה ועתיד

The national days of Yom Hashoa’h, Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha’Atzmaut are an annual opportunity to discuss contemporary issues of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.  During this week in May, through films, panels, and lecturers, we try to reconnect to the past, the early days of the state, to learn about current questions in Medinat Yisrael, and to prepare ourselves for the challenges of the future. Over the years, we choose to address these topics from different perspectives – social, economic, historical, political etc. – while trying to reflect the complexity of these topics.

Dedicate one lecture: 300$ 
Dedicate the full week: 2500$ 

Shavuot Halacha Yemi Iyun ימי עיון בנושאי הלכה לקראת שבועות

Celebrating “Zman Matan Torateinu” together in Migdal Oz after a year focused on Torah study in the Beit Midrash is a truly unique experience.  Shavuot is truly a climax of the year of Talmud Torah and Avodat Hashem.  The Migdal Oz tradition is to prepare for this day through learning and discussing Halacha.  Morning seder is dedicated to learning Hilchot Shabbat and wrapped up with a shiur klalli given to the entire student body.  In addition there are chaburot and panels on contemporary Halachic issues. This focus on Halachic commitment and the contemporary challenges is a fitting way to prepare for kabbalat Hatorah.

Dedicate one Shiur: 300$ 
Dedicate a full day of programming: 1000$ 

Day to Day יום ליום יביע אומר

Beyond the weekly class schedule, many “extracurricular” learning opportunities are offered to our students including “Amud Yomi” in Masechet Brachot – early morning gemara learning, afternoon workshops given by older students, madrichot and Rami”m (over 15 per week!), and educational tours that bring Biblical and Halachic topics to life.

Dedicate a month of “Amud Yomi”: 350$ 
Dedicate a full year of” Amud Yomi”: 3000$ 
Dedicate a week of Chugim: 180$ 
Dedicate one Chug for a whole year: 1500$ 
Dedicate an educational tour: 2000$