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Aside from our Shana Alef program, Migdal Oz has many other learning opportunities within its walls. There is a robust Shana Bet program, Shanim Gimmel and Dalet, as well as advanced programs like our Kollel Iyun. Shana Aleph students benefit from sharing a beit midrash with these additional women– they are always able to turn to them with questions about their learning or for advice. Their presence also broadens the horizons of possibility in the field of women’s learning. If you are interested in transferring into Migdal Oz for any of our programs, please reach out to Racheli Schmell. 

Shana Bet consists of 40-50 Israeli and overseas students who choose to continue their studies in the Beit Midrash. These talmidot have their own ramim and ramiot for morning seder, and additional class options in the afternoon. They are also free to enter any of the Shana Aleph classes. The Shana Bet students live either in the dorms set up like those of Shana Alef, or in apartments on the kibbutz. They help run programming for the beit midrash and enjoy having chavrutot with students in shana alef.

Women in Migdal Oz’s Shana Gimmel/Dalet study three mornings a week with their own morning seder ramiot, usually in addition to the degree that they are working on in Herzog college or another university. They choose to be in either the gemara or machshava morning seder track. Many of the Shana Gimmel/Dalet students are also either melevot (madrichot for the kvutzot), or meishivot. Younger talmidot are always welcome to go to them for help with their learning.

Michlelet Herzog, Yeshivat Har Etzion’s Teachers College, grants a Bachelor in Education (B. Ed) in a variety of areas including Tanach, Talmud, Jewish Philosophy, Jewish History, Literature, and Special Education (as well as countless secular subjects). The staff of Michlelet Herzog includes many world-renowned Torah educators including Rav Yaakov Medan, Rav Elchanan Samet, and Dr. Yael Zeigler. Through the Tzurim program, students of Migdal Oz can count their shana alef Migdal Oz classes towards a full year of credit at Herzog College, and can then continue their degree after finishing shana alef. Interested students should turn to Rabbanit Bat Sheva Sammet.

The Kollel Iyun was born through the vision of Rosh Beit Midrash Esti Rosenberg.  At the root of this vision is the desire to produce women who are not only scholars of Talmud but also future educators, community leaders, and embodiments of the full richness and glory of Torah. The scholars enjoy in-depth Talmud shiurim multiple times a week, as well as one full day of in-depth analysis of the laws of Shabbat. One afternoon a week they study with Rosh HaYeshiva of Yeshivat Har Etzion, HaRav Baruch Gigi.

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